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Volapük + Metamorphosis = REVE GENERAL

New upcoming project! Three members of Volapük and Metamorphosis together form „Reve General“, a new project which features two violins, two cellos, two guitars and drums. Upcoming concerts in November. More infos soon… .

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Metamorphosis feature by Peter Maximalist in the blog „Woasches“

Metamorphosis‘ music is a whirl of feelings alternating strength, poetry and rationality. It’s the desirable evolution of a classical chamber string quartet that has the power to catch the attention of your brain not forgetting to stimulate your heart.  Read the entire article

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Black Volga – New Video

Riding on an old Ural motorcycle with side-car through a cold autumn night in St.Petersburg, Russia. Some simple shooting/editing tricks turned it into a crazy trip along dark channels, bright boulevards and through dark lanes. Directed&edited by Richard Deutsch Camera, production support: Seva Amelin (Svetosila), Alexander Shirshov & Michael Blokhin (art-obstrel!) Driver Natasha Kosenkova Equipment… Read more »

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Black Volga production

The songs of BLACK VOLGA are produced with a strong retro touch, mixed in the box with some nice hardware-units from the past and emulations of vintage gear.                           BLACK VOLGA – EP-ONE Composed, arranged, played, recorded, mixed, produced by Richard Deutsch, Abandoned Zone… Read more »

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Produced the new Iva Nova album

The Rolling Stone magazine called them „the coolest female band in Russia.“ I had the pleasure to produce their new album.                               IVA NOVA – Krutila Pila Recorded by Richard Deutsch at TM Terminal/St.Petersburg Mixed by Richard Deutsch at Abandoned Zone Studio/St.Petersburg Mastered… Read more »

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Production for Para Bellvm

Para Bellvm are pioneers of the Russian gothic scene and a legendary underground band from St.Petersburg. I produced their new album – more infos are here Para Bellvm – Веди меня через ночь Recorded by Richard Deutsch at TM Terminal, St.Petersburg Mixed by Richard Deutsch at Abandoned Zone Studio St.Petersburg Mastered by Gregor Streng at Sound-bakery Vienna… Read more »