Familiar Structures – S12 gallery, Bergen/Norway, 22.05.15-26.07.15

Glass object by Maria Koshenkova, sound+interactive environment by Richard Deutsch.

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Interactive Installation for the State Russian Museum – exhibition „Resonant Matter“

Glass object & interactive sound-installation by Maria Koshenkova and Richard Deutsch. Exhibited in the Marble Palace, Sammlung Ludwig, St.Petersburg/Russia

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Back in the year 2000, I started a collaboration with my good fellow Christian Vogel. He was a software designer, programming industrial robots and had the wish to use his knowledge in a more artistic way. We immediately started to develop our first realtime-application, a small, flexible program, optimized for the use in live performances. Later we worked as GroupGravity with circus artists, VJ’s, musicians and dancers, creating a wide variety of different projects,  interactive installations and augmented reality spaces.  Read more



sbSOUND*BREAKERS 2006  Interactive sound-installation and performance.

Opening event for the new „T*H Ressort | 1020 Vienna“.
A collaboration of Tanz*Hotel with GroupGravity
Tanzperformance: IndiraNunez, Andrea Nagl

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Referring to the unique architecture of the former children home „city of children“, Tanz*Hotel and GroupGravity created a scenario, using five rooms of the leisure area.
The texture of the space was initial point of the sound-environment and the choreography.
Shiftings and intersections, dance in augmented reality spaces, the human movement as a medial interface, feedback and echo were subjects and approach for the choreography and musical composition.
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Interactive sound-installation, sponsored by SAMSUNG

The installation „Augmented Reality System“ was exhibited in Salzburg
from 07/2005 until 09/2005.
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 GATES – Dance- performance

Commissioned work for the Russian ballet-star and choreographer Vladimir Adzhamov.

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Choreography: Michail Ivanov
Dancers: Nina Gasteva, Michail Ivanov, Anastasia Kadruleva, Alica Patchenko, Artyom Ignatiev
Concept/Sound: Richard Deutsch
Software: Christian Vogel

The choreographer of the „Iguan Dance Theatre“ Michail Ivanov worked as a clown at the Leningrad Circus, before he became involved into the dancing-scene, where he worked together with Anton Adassinsky in his famous „Derevo Theatre„.
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DIGITAL DANCE – Performance for 4 dancers and computer (04/2004)

Concept/Sound: Richard Deutsch
Software: Christian Vogel
Dancers: Anastasia Kadruleva, Alica Patchenko, Artyom Ignatiev,
Alexander Lebedev

A project together with the St.Petersburg based Iguan Dance Theatre.

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Virtual ScratchVirtual Scratch

A performer on the stage also exists on the screen and is manipulating his virtual environment…scratching with virtual turntables, playing with virtual strings, juggling with eyes…
We use vaudeville skills like juggling, magic tricks and combine it with elements of animation and realtime-processed sound.

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jugglingxperimentA Juggling Experience

A juggler is controlling sounds and visuals with his jugglingballs
Collaboration with the Russian circus artist and juggler Sergej Korenskoj.
The performance was created for the SCOPETONE FESTIVAL St.Petersburg, 2003.

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