PERMANENT*TRANSITION – Tanz*Hotel and GroupGravity, 2005

all photos (C) Tanz*Hotel

Referring to the unique architecture of the former children home „city of children“, Tanz*Hotel and GroupGravity created a scenario, using five rooms of the leisure area. The texture of the space was initial point of the sound-environment and the choreography. Shiftings and intersections, dance in augmented reality spaces, the human movement as a medial interface, feedback and echo were subjects and approach for the choreography and musical composition.

Dance/Choreography: Andrea Nagl, Indira Nunez, Erich Pacher, Regina Ramsl, Alexander Strauß
Music/Interactive Environments: Richard Deutsch
Programming/Interactive Software: Christian Vogel
Room/Choreography/Light: Bert Gstettner
Costume: Hanna Adlaoui-Mayerl
Conception: Bert Gstettner, Richard Deutsch
Produced by Tanz*Hotel and GroupGravity