SOUND*BREAKERS, 2006 – Interactive sound-installation and performance

Opening event for the new „T*H Ressort | 1020 Vienna“.
A collaboration of Tanz*Hotel with GroupGravity
TANZ*HOTEL | RESORT 1020 24.–26.06.2006

Choreografie: Bert Gstettner
Live-Musik, Interaktive Soundinstallation: Richard Deutsch/GroupGravity
Software: Christian Vogel / GroupGravity
Tanzperformance: IndiraNunez, Andrea Nagl

SOUND*BREAKERS is an interactive sound-installation and performance, which tries to video-capture movements from „reality“ (the dance-space at T*H RESORT,1020) and feed them back to the dance-performance (transformed to sound). Through the involvement of modern media technologies, we found a new potential for artistic development, a kind of new „tool“ for contemporary dance and performance. SOUND*BREAKERS was a follow-up collaboration of T*H with GroupGravity.