NOISE & SILENCE – GroupGravity & Iguan Dance Theatre St.Petersburg

Choreographer: Michail Ivanov
Dancers: Nina Gasteva, Michail Ivanov, Anastasia Kadruleva, Alica Patchenko, Artyom Ignatiev
Concept/Sound: Richard Deutsch
Software: Christian Vogel

The choreographer of the „Iguan Dance Theatre“ Michail Ivanov worked as a clown at the Leningrad Circus, before he became involved into the dancing-scene, where he worked together with Anton Adassinsky in his famous „Derevo Theatre“. Dancers of the „Iguan Dance Theatre“ were working with B.Eifman, Guillermo Horta Betancourt, Krisztina de Chatel and performed in Japan, South Korea, USA, England, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Netherland, Turkey, Portugal.

Noise&Silence shows innovative ways of experiencing dance, space, motion and sounds through the use of computer motion capture technology.
Dance sequences are recorded live on stage using a webcam and in a realtime-process transferred into data for manipulating various aspects of the sound.

The project Noise and Silence, was two times shown on Russian TV (Channel 5).