2015 I mixed our „on-stage recording“, which was done before a live concert at Le Brise Glace (Annecy/France) using only the most usual dynamic microphones for guitars and drums and DI signals from cellos and violins.

I am really happy that this work has found such a positive reception among critics and music-lovers!

Top 20 album of 2015 at Progarchives

Collaborators‘ Top Albums of 2015

Welcome to the 11thannual ProgArchivesCollaborator’s Album of the Year contest! As is our annual…

„klangtechnisch perfekte  Aufnahmen“
Achim Breiling: http://www.babyblaue-seiten.de/album_15301.html#24062
Top 5 SFTW-recommended album of 2015:
„RÊVE GÉNÉRAL or the new howl of 21st century rock-in-opposition“
César Inca Mendoza: http://autopoietican.blogspot.pe/2015/11/reve-general-o-el-nuevo-aullido-del.html
„This is a fantastic tour through what can be a rarefied place, but in the hands of Rêve Général it is anything but. If you like adventurous music, you need this album.“
Roger Trenwith, http://theprogressiveaspect.net/blog/2015/12/26/reve-general-howl/
„Zeitgenössischer Kammerrock, vollendet dargeboten“
Thomas Kohlruß: http://www.babyblaue-seiten.de/index.php?content=review&albumId=15301

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