Metamorphosis – Contaminated Chamber Music


Martin Alaçam – Nylon string guitar, voice
Richard Deutsch –  Electric guitar, voice
Christoph Pajer – Violin, voice
Jan Kavan – Cello, voice

With the excellent musicianship of a modern classical quartet and the high vibrating energy of a punkband Metamorphosis appeared first time 1996 on the scene and found their way very fast to stages all over Europe.
A new style of String Quartet using acoustic and electric instruments and sound-processing, blending influences from contemporary music, punk-rock, pop and ethnic music in a so far unheared manner.

„Der Standard“ wrote about their album: „Their Music can be localized somewhere between the Penguin Cafe Orchestra and the Kronos Quartet, inspired by the modern classic of Bela Bartok as well as by repetitive minimalism …“
„The Wire“ quoted that they are “ …executing a successful cross-pollination between the traditional and the experimental with considerable verve“.

People called it different things, some very fitting, like „contaminated chamber music“ (an Italian organizer) or „music for yet unshot films“.

Metamorphosis is used to perform in very different environments, from jazz clubs to contemporary music festivals, from rock festivals to typically classical music halls.

Despite the numerous projects and geographical distance (currently Prague, St. Petersburg, Brno, Vienna) of the group members, Metamorphosis continues to play concerts and started to work on a new album at the end of 2017.

Since 1998 Metamorphosis has released 4 albums with small but fine labels –
the renowned LEO RECORDS from GB and the RACHOT from CZ.

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